"I Can't Go Commercial,
They Love Me In the Streets"

Hood creative based in the 124, Stockholm, Sweden. Specialized in urban portraits and catching the environment around me.

After being in the design game since the days of Atari I picked up my first camera (a point and shot one) late 2014. Then early 2015 I copped my first DSLR to be able to create my visions.

At first I started to capture the environment around my hood. But it didn't take long until I started to take my own shots of the urban artists that I before did design work for. After that I got more into making portraits and documenting the life behind the artists and their squads. So now it's not much time for the design part but a lot more time behind my camera. So follow me on my journey tru the life in the urban world, welcome to the concrete jungle.

Respect the Shooter!